Luxe Keshi & Biwa Pearl Necklace


Luxe Keshi & Biwa Pearl Necklace.

Biwa and Keshi pearls, naturally white with an iridescent shine and in free formed shapes feature on this stunning necklace. Elongated shaped Biwa pearls are peppered with nugget shaped Keshi pearls. This necklace is handcrafted using 100% Silk thread, and is highlighted with 14kt Gold Filled beads and hardware. 

          ~  f e a t u r i n g  ~

  • Keshi pearls
  • Biwa elongated freshwater pearls
  • 100% Silk thread
  • 14kt Gold Filled beads and hardware. 
  • Necklace is approximately 40cm in length. 
  • Hand made by nāmaka
  • Gift wrapped by hand
  • Option of handwritten message - contact at time of purchase
  • Includes luxe care pouch
  • Made in a Covid Safe Environment.
  • Made in Melbourne
  • Exclusive and uniquely hand made for you
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